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6 Tips for Decorating Your Home

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 25, 2015 9:25:00 PM / by Yummy Yummerson

tips for decorating new home

6 Tips for Decorating Your New Home by Guest Blogger Yummy Yummerson.

Orla O'Sullivan is an exciting up and coming Irish food blogger based in Cork. Her aptly named Yummy Yummerson blog covers all things food, from recipes, to kitchen tips and restuarant reviews. Having recently bought her very first home, Orla kindly parted her wisdom on the moving process sharing some great tips for decorating your brand new home. 

Moving into your first home can be a very exciting but daunting time in your life. If you're anything like me, you know very little about interior design, but have now been flung into the life of cushions and throws and decorative mirrors. You will no longer walk into someones house without noticing their lovely carpet or floors. You will question anyone about where they got an item in their home, in the hope that you can snag one for yourself. You will flock to the home-ware department before the shoe department when in a store (you won't forget the shoes though). It will partially take over your life and then you'll notice that you actually like this extra curricular activity you have going on.

Below are a few simple tips and rules I tried to abide by during the decorating a new home process. Not always possible of course, but they keep you on track and away from trouble or any unnecessary hassle.

1: Take your Time

I did things quite slowly. Mainly because I wanted to do them right. I didn't want to buy that hall table just because it was on sale. I wanted to buy that hall table because it was exactly what I wanted. Obviously you may need to speed up some items if you are in a hurry to move in but once you have your bed and a couch, why the rush?

2: Stick to your Budget

Know what you have to spend and keep to it. If you really want an item and you know it's expensive then work out what you're not going to be able to buy because of it. Then you can see if it's worth it or not right now.

3: Make a Plan

If you're like me you'll need to visualise what an entire room is going to look like before you can go buy even one item. Some people just know what will work with what and it all falls together nicely, whereas I need to know before the first purchase that it's set in stone for how it's going to look and what exactly I need to buy. This will also help with the budget. 

4: Price Around

Sounds obvious really, but you can get lazy and sometimes just go with the first price/place/person you get. But it definitely pays off to get at least three prices. Remember to also look out for any hidden extra costs in the prices as well. An example here would be furniture shops. Some seem cheaper in prices than others but then you end up having to pay for assembly, delivery or removal so you are actually paying more.

5: Ask yourself; do I really need this?

I have to do this on a near daily basis. I want to buy all of the kitchen stuff and I have to restrain myself. Just ask yourself if you have an immediate need for it. If not, put it down!

6: Ask for Help

You may find that everyone has an opinion on at least one thing in your house. Whether they mean it or not, sometimes people can offend you by suggesting what you could do with that door, or table or floor etc., whereas you were quite happy with what was there. But don't let that put you off. Ask people for their opinions. It is a good thing to hear other peoples perspectives because they will see/suggest something you never would have thought of. A great way to do this is to seek professional Interior Design advice.




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Yummy Yummerson

Written by Yummy Yummerson